DANADAAD LAW FIRM AND INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION with registration number 39750 in the Islamic Republic of Iran is an affiliate of “SNITC” (South and North International Cooperation) which itself is the investment executor in an international economic and logistical platform under the title of the “SKY SILK ROAD” (SSR).

This Law Firm is assigned by SNITC with the duty of Trans-regional Senior Legal Consultation and to act as the legal and arbitration arm in the region of West Asia.

In order to perform its duties, DANADAAD LAW FIRM AND INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION uses the cooperation of the best attorneys at law, specialists, experts and creditable law firms, both domestically and internationally.


Following instructions from SNITC and with the achievement of the key aims conceived for the projects of the SKY SILK ROAD (SSR) in mind, the mission of DANADAAD LAW FIRM AND INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION is defined under the following headings:

  • Setting up and regulating legal relationships of the SKY SILK ROAD (SSR) in West Asia with concerned entities in other countries, especially in the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation and CIS countries, the Republic of Turkey and Arabian countries.

  • Legal consultation, especially in the fields of different types of investments, transactions, formation of companies, participations, acquisitions and purchase of assets and properties.

  • Arbitration as the mutually agreed arbitrator or as the chosen arbitrator by all affiliates and subsidiaries of SNITC.

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    Membership of the Board of Directors and taking control of the legal management.

  • Legal representation and defending the rights of clients via and through licensed attorneys.

  • Conducting legal research and producing legal scientific outputs and publications with priority for Comparative Law.

  • noun_books_137857

    Formation of a central and reference law library and documentation centre in West Asia.

  • noun_distributed%20ledger_3405321

    Cooperation with research, scientific and specialised centers.

  • Holding specialised events and training courses.

  • Cooperation with creditable law firms, jurists, attorneys at law and experts at national and international level.


Based on the headings of the assigned mission, the main fields of activity of DANADAAD LAW FIRM AND INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION include the following:

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Any bilateral or multilateral contracts, whether domestic, regional or international.

global demand-to-accelerate-by-april-2021-due-to-covid-vaccine-rollout-report

Points of law related to any types of investment.

Challenges for-Finance-Execs-e1495738137922

Points of law related to financial, banking and insurance affairs.


Points of law related to logistical affairs and marine, aerial, road and rail transportation.

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Points of law related to energy, oil, gas and products.

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Points of law related to gold, precious metals and jewelry.


Points of law related to commerce and general trading.


All correspondence and contact must be made in English


Unit 401, Building No. 26, Across from the Vatican Embassy, Neauphle-le-Château (France) St., Tehran-Iran.

No.6, East 14th St., Beyhaghi Blvd., Argentine Sq., Tehran- Iran.

+98 21 8817 1330


South and North International Trading Cooperation
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
World Trade Organization
International Chamber of Commerce
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Economic Cooperation Organization
UN Conference on Trade and Development
UN Commission of International Trade Law

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